Our Story

This will be surprising to some, but we’re not exactly new. Deux Luxe Clip-In Hair Extensions are brought to you by Klix Hair, Inc. the makers of Klix Hair Extensions and in 2016 we celebrated our Ten-Year Anniversary. For those of you not familiar with Klix Hair Extensions, they are a semi-permanent skin weft attached with micro-links that can be worn for between 4-6 months. Klix Hair Extensions are only sold to stylists who have been certified in our application method.

Over the years our stylist’s have asked us for a less permanent method of hair extensions for clients that don’t want to make that type of commitment. After extensive market research and testing multiple designs, we developed a type of clip-in extension that didn’t exist – a double weft that makes it possible to have more hair per inch than most other brands. And that’s how Deux Luxe was born.

We also wanted to be able to offer Deux Luxe Clip-In Hair Extensions to everyone – not just stylists. Which means that you can order them directly from our website yourself. However, if you’re new to clip-ins or want assistance, we recommend that you visit our Salon Service Provider to find a stylist near you for a consultation. The stylists who are certified in Klix have the Deux Luxe color swatches and can match a color for you, order Deux Luxe Clip-In Hair Extensions for you (some salons may have the color you need in stock), assist you with your first application and placement, and the most important part – cutting them to blend into your own natural hair for a flawless look. Consultations are usually free and the stylists will quote you a price for the rest of their services during your appointment.